Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Follow Up...

Hello to everyone, long time no talk.  I'm still alive, for those that are wondering.  I thought I would drop in and give a quick update to everyone on what's been going on.

-First, it was brought to my attention that my torrent files were being deleted from btjunkie, perhaps due to inactivity.  I have replaced all of these links with direct links that I am hosting on my own website, so that they will always be available to download.

-That being said, I would like everyone to realize that torrents are only effective as long as their is interest in them.  These torrents that I created were popular several months ago, so when people try and download them now, they may have trouble finding seeders.  Now, I have all the files available on my computer, so it's no problem for me to seed any of the torrents, but I can't seed them all at all times.  So, if you're trying to download a specific chapter, but can't find any seeders, drop me an e-mail.  mtmaloney at gmail dot com.  Let me know, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know when I can seed for you.  I might even try and put out a request on Twitter to see if anyone else can help out.  It's really the best I can do since these torrents are past their prime.

-I'm still converting away, working on my higher quality files.  Shouldn't be too much longer until I can post a link to the large torrent.  We're probably looking at a pretty big set of files, I'm guessing around 100GB total.  Needless to say, that one's going to take a while to get downloaded, so I hope there's enough interest to make it easier on everyone.

-I have a list of changes that I've made from the initial set of episodes that I put together.  They were a first draft, in a way.  When I post the torrent, I will also post a change log for anything I've gone in and fixed, for your information.

That's all I can think of for now, hope to have the final torrent out to all of you soon!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Episodes 097-101: Epilogue

A Few Things Before We Finish...

There are some logistical things I wanted to address before I post the last set of episodes today:

-There are still a few episodes in need of fixing, for example the flashback with Locke and Abbadon in the hospital was omitted, and needs to be added to Episode 014, or the mobisode with Jack and Ben playing chess was omitted.  I've got a log of changes that I need to make, and so once I finish posting all of the episodes my top priority will be getting these fixed and re-posted.

-As I said earlier, I am working on creating HQ versions of the series.  I will then share the whole series via torrent for those that would like to download it.  It's going to be a pretty sizable series, as the current version takes up about 40GB, so the HQ version might be closer to 100GB or so.  More to come on that when we get there.

-If any of my uploads stop working for some reason, just leave a comment on that episode's page, and I'll go ahead and get it re-uploaded.

Okay, I think that's all I've got.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

By the Numbers

So, I finished cutting the series this past week, which was a big mile stone in the project.  All that's left to do now is to encode, upload, and post each episode.  The encoding is the longest part of the process since it takes several hours to encode each episode.  But, since I have the whole series cut, I thought you all might like to know that there are going to 101 total episodes.  I think originally I was hoping that I could turn it into 108 episodes, but I guess it didn't quite end up working out that way.  Each episode worked out to be an average of just under 50 minutes, so a few minutes longer than your typical LOST episode, but not by too much.

The flash sideways story, or 'epilogue' to the series, takes place in the final five episodes of the series, so if you're one of those people that hated that story, feel free to stop watching after Episode 096.  On a related note, I know that there will be a mini-episode featuring Hurley and Ben on the island after Jack dies on the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release at the end of August.  I don't really plan on integrating it into the series in any way, because it really just sits there on its own.  It's after Jack dies, it's before the afterlife, it doesn't really belong going after or before either of those parts of the show if I were to integrate it into an episode, so it should really stand alone as its own part of the show.

Now, on an unrelated note, but just because I didn't have anywhere else to put this bit of information, I do plan on making higher quality versions of this series once I've finished posting everything from the current run.  My primary goal was always to get these episodes out to everyone as soon as possible, and to do that I made these episodes at a lower bitrate to cut down the amount of time it would take to encode, as well as the amount of time it would take to upload.  However, since the source of (most of) the series is from the DVDs, I would like to have this series exist in a format and quality that is comparable to those DVDs.  Now, I won't be uploading these episodes to or anything like that, they will only be available as a torrent.  And it won't be a small torrent either.  I can't speculate on the size, but considering the low quality version of this series is probably going to end up around 40GB or so, know that it will be considerably more than that.  I also will not speculate on how long it will take to finish creating these high quality episodes.  I do know that it will take a while, and just leave it at that.  But for those of you that really are interested in having a higher quality series, be patient, and I will get to release it eventually.

Episode 068: December 11-12, 2004 (Days 81 to 82)

Episode 067: December 10-11, 2004 (Days 80 to 81)