Saturday, August 14, 2010

Episode 082: 2006 to 2007

Kate's trial continues, with Jack being called as a character witness.  We learn that she and Jack were romantically involved, but that things didn't work out, and Jack had a hard time being around Aaron knowing that Claire was his half-sister.  Kate's mother, the prosecution's chief witness, decides not to testify against her, so the prosecution is forced to drop its case against Kate, and she's allowed to go free.  Sayid completes his work for Ben, and is now left without any direction in his life.  Jack and Kate work out their differences, and move back in together.  Hurley stops taking his meds, and when Jack goes to visit him, Hurley tells him that he thinks everyone is dead, that they never left the island.  He tells Jack that Charlie told him to tell Jack not to raise 'him', probably referring to Aaron.  He also told Jack to expect a visitor.  Jack proposes to Kate shortly thereafter.  One night while working, he hears the battery indicator on the smoke detector in the lobby going off, so he goes to fix it, and while he does, he sees his father sitting there, but he's interrupted and when he looks back he's disappeared.  Jack begins a somewhat downward spiral involving alcohol and pain medication, and starts to get into it with Kate.  In Russia, we meet Ilana, recovering from some kind of injury, where she is visited by Jacob, who asks for her help.  Desmond wakes up from a dream he had, only it's more than just a dream, it was a memory, that he's supposed to find and visit Eloise Hawking.  He goes to Oxford, to Daniel Faraday's lab, but it's abandoned.  He discovers Theresa, Daniel's old girlfriend, who suffered permanent temporal displacements from Daniel's experiments.  He then goes to visit Charles Widmore, where he discovers that he has to go to Los Angeles to find Eloise Hawking.  The episode runs 52:47 and is 422MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. No Chapter 8 Pack? Also I have spoken to the guys at and managed to persuade them to add Chronologially Lost ( I will go through and add the synopsis for each of your episodes (Copy/Paste) but was wondering if you could make some banners as I lack the skill. Be aware that they are very strict on image sizes.


  2. @Harroguk - Torrent has been posted. btjunkie was having some site issues yesterday.

    I read the thread over at The TV Database. Interesting stuff, I can probably put together some artwork for you. What exactly do you need?

  3. Pretty much all information for the banners is contained on thetvdb wiki (linked below)

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    Series Banners -

    Season Banners -

    Wide Season Banners -

  4. there was more to the jacob/illana scene.
    the bandages are off,she's healed,and jacob tells her to find richard.

  5. @pitt55 I actually left that clip where it was broadcast, when Ilana was telling them her story around the fire. I didn't treat it as a flashback so much as a visual representation of the story she was telling at the time. It's similar to Claire getting her memory back to me.

    1. I’m really missing those additional couple moments from season 6 with Jacob and Ilana when she’s in the hospital. I think they belong here with the rest of the scene. It would make a lot of sense tying together Jacob’s whole plan and foreshadow what goes down when they’re back on the island. As for the logic there, I think it’s different from Claire’s memories because those she is experiencing in real time. Whereas these flashbacks are just for the audiences sake to see the moments she’s referring to, they’re not actually being experienced by anyone in that moment on the island (ie. Ilana isn’t experiencing those memories for the first time, she’s just telling the story and the show is flashing back for the audience’s sake.) That’s my two cents.

    2. It's not exactly the same as Claire's scene, I agree, but it's also very different from the typical flashback, which serves as a narrative tool for a character's backstory. It's a little unique in that regard, because a character specifically telling a story or recalling a memory and then a scene of that actual memory playing out on screen really doesn't happen in the show.

      Another logistical reason I kept it where it was is because the scene is so short. It's what, five seconds? And it wouldn't have fit with the other Ilana/Jacob scene since it clearly took place at a later time, so you would have ended up with this five second scene of Ilana and Jacob, I do think it might actually make less sense that way. If it was a longer scene, even just a minute or so, where Ilana telling the survivors her story leads into a scene between Jacob & Ilana, that would make sense, and would also play like more of a flashback and less of an overlay to Ilana's story.

  6. HI Mike,

    I THINK this is an error with the shows timeline rather than yours but in this episode Kate and Jack argue because Kate was doing a favor for Sawyer and she had made him a promise. IIRC correctly this is where Kate visiting Cassedy should be but that is edited into episode 80.
    I could probably go back and listen to the dialogue to see if the dialogue places it in the earlier episode but I just thought i'd mention it.


    1. Hi Chris-

      I think that Kate and Cassidy continued to see each other even after she gave her the money. Your thought process is sound, but the problem chronologically is that when Kate goes to visit Cassidy to give her the money, Aaron is still an infant, so it was most likely pretty recently after she got off the island. While the event you were referring to, the Kate & Jack argument, happens some time in 2007, and Aaron is clearly a toddler at this point.

      So I believe they are located in approximately the right spots.

  7. Yeah, about what Chris says, it does look like she has a different shirt on when she sees Jack and when she sees Cassidy. Most likely she had an on-going relationship with Cassidy. Like Mike said, Aaron was still a baby.

    I was curious about the order of the trial versus Kate and Jack. Were they dating that whole time? I figured that's why the prosecutor asked if he loved her. If so, would any of their dating need to take place before the trial?