Friday, June 18, 2010

Episode 026: September 22, 2004 (Part 2)

Part 2.  The flight.  The crash.  The aftermath.  I will admit it gets a little chaotic at the time of the crash, with so much going on at the same time, but I tried to make it as easy to follow as I could.  The story is pretty simple.  We start off with Desmond grabbing the fail safe key off of Inman's body and running back to the hatch.  Then we have our plane sequences focusing on Jack, Kate and Charlie.  We also see Desmond run back to the hatch to enter the numbers, and Juliet's book club taking place at the time of the system failure that caused the plane to crash.  We see the Others run outside to see the plane going down.  Ben sends Ethan and Goodwin off to spy, then takes Juliet to go see Mikhail.  The tail section crashes, and Ana Lucia and Eko help to get people out of the water.  Then, we get to our opening shot of the series.  Jack wakes up in the jungle, and stumbles upon the plane wreckage.  We see him helping out people, we see Locke wake up, and able to stand, we even see Nikkie running around trying to find Paolo.  Ana Lucia helps Bernard get out of a tree, Charlie and Claire meet, we get to hear the Smoke Monster off in the jungle, and the Others go to the Tail Section's camp and attempt a raid on the survivors. 

Episode 025: September 22, 2004 (Part 1)

So, we've arrived.  The 'beginning' of the series, so to speak.  September 22, 2004, the day Oceanic 815 crashed on the island.  This day is spread out over two episodes, the first focusing on everything leading up to the flight, and the second starting just before the plane crashes and playing out the rest of the day.  This was the most challenging stretch of the show to work on, because there were so many different clips from so many different episodes that occurred on this day.  Not to mention the number of different times when we were shown the same time frame from different perspectives.  That being said, it's probably also my favorite part of the show.  I know someone re-created the Flight 815 crash in real time and put it up on Youtube, and started to work on the airport as well.  I feel like my product has a similar feel to it, only without the '24' clock running, and I didn't condense things quite as much.  Anyways, here's quick rundown of what we see in this episode:

Episode 024: September 19-21, 2004

September 19 - Boone arrives at Shannon's house to try and help her, then tries to go to the police for help.  Eko investigates the miracle but doesn't find anything.  Hurley finds the widow of the man who originally came across the numbers, and she tries to convince him that he's not cursed.  Nikki & Paulo kill the director of Exposé so that they can steal his precious diamonds.  Sawyer is arrested after getting into a bar fight.
September 20 - Locke tries to go on his walkabout, but is not allowed to due to his handicap.  Jack finds his father's body in the morgue.  Boone offers to pay Shannon's boyfriend to leave.  On the island, Juliet looks at x-rays of Ben's spine and realizes he has a tumor, even though the island is supposed to heal everyone.  Michael arrives to take Walt back to the U.S. with him.  Kate tries to sneak out in the middle of the night, but instead decides to leave the following morning with the farmer.
September 21 - Kate is sold out by the farmer who wanted the reward, and is arrested by the US Marshal.  Boone discovers that Shannon just used him to get his money.  Sayid's friend kills himself instead of turning himself in, and Sayid is given a ticket to LAX on Oceanic 815.  Claire is set to sign over the rights to her baby, but is unable to sign the papers, and instead goes back to the psychic to learn what he wants her to do.  The psychic tells her to get on Oceanic 815 and gives her a ticket, telling her there are people in Los Angeles who can take care of her baby.  Charlie visits his brother to try and get Drive Shaft back together, but Liam has moved on and has no interest in doing so.  Finally, Shannon comes to Boone's hotel room after her boyfriend took the money and left her, and they sleep together.

Episode 023: September 2004

Since we've reached the final days leading up to the crash, I thought I'd list all the events in the next couple of episodes with the specific days they occur on (A lot of which is pure speculation on my part, so this is just for fun).  First we start with one of my favorite Nikki scenes as she films her last episode of Exposé.  Claire visits her mother at the hospital before she goes to give the baby up, and Hurley says good-bye to his father as he leaves for Australia.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episode 022: 2004

We start off this episode with Claire going back to the psychic to get a reading.  Sun continues her English lessons, although they soon become more than that.  She also learns that Jin is infertile.  Hurley meanwhile is not enjoying his time as a lottery winner, despite his financial successes, as someone jumps off a building while he's meeting with his financial adviser, and later his newly owned Chicken Shack is hit by a meteor, resulting in one of my favorite death scenes when Tricia Tanaka is inside at the time of the meteor strike.  Hurley's father returns after many years, and tries to get him to see a fortune teller, and Jin is sent by Mr. Paik to kill Sun's adulterer.  Claire's psychic continues to call her to get her to heed his message to her, and Sun finalizes her plans to leave Jin once she's at the Sydney airport.  Sawyer is sent to Australia by a man who told him where he can find the person that killed his parents.  Hurley finds out that the numbers originated from a man in Australia.  Jin meets with his father and decides to escape to America with Sun when he goes to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik.  And finally, Sayid starts working for the government to help diffuse a terrorist cell with the promise that he will get to see Nadia again.

Episode 021: 2004

Well, we've made it.  2004.  The year where it all started.  The countdown begins until we get to the day of the crash.  In Episode 021, we see Jin get promoted, then start to do some of Paik's dirty work.  Jack continues to handle his divorce from Sarah poorly, and it results in him getting into a fight with his father.  I have another couple of quick timeflashes that were thrown into this episode.  I tried to keep them close together, just because they're so quick.  Rose and Bernard get engaged, Hurley buys his mother a house, and Desmond learns about the fail safe underneath the hatch.  Kate is now a fugitive in Australia, and gets a job working for a farmer.  Jin & Sun go see a fertility doctor, and Sun is also learning how to speak English, unknown to Jin.  Thomas leaves Claire in the middle of her pregnancy, and we close out the episode with Jack discovering his father had been drinking, went into surgery, and made a mistake resulting in the patient's death.