Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New York Times Article

So, thought this was pretty cool.  I was interviewed by Dave Itzkoff at the New York Times for an article he wrote about TV shows that have been re-edited by fans.  Apparently he was made aware of Chronologically LOST and reached out to me to talk about the process.  Honestly the coolest part of the whole thing is learning that Damon Lindelof knows of the project.  And I understand his not wanting to watch it.  LOST is the story that he wanted to tell, I can't blame him for not having a ton of interest in wanting to watch the show completely rearranged.  I mean, it'd be nice if he wanted to watch it, but I get it.

Anyway, here's a link to the article: In a Twist on the Remix, Fans Recut TV Series

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Streaming to Facebook

Hi everybody, it's been a while.  I just wanted to make a quick post letting everyone know that we now have a Facebook page that now has every episode available for streaming!  They are split up into multiple clips due to the upload restrictions on Facebook, but they're all there.  If you are unable to take advantage of the torrents we have available I encourage you to check out the episodes there.

All the credit for this goes to superfan Daniel, who incredibly took his own spare time to put the page together and upload all of those clips.  I'm sure it took him quite a while, and I appreciate all his hard work.

I also want to offer a big thank to you to everyone that has been helping seed on the torrent front.  The site made it onto Reddit's front page last month and we had a huge blow up in traffic, so all those seeders have been a ton of help.