Sunday, August 22, 2010

Episodes 097-101: Epilogue

A Few Things Before We Finish...

There are some logistical things I wanted to address before I post the last set of episodes today:

-There are still a few episodes in need of fixing, for example the flashback with Locke and Abbadon in the hospital was omitted, and needs to be added to Episode 014, or the mobisode with Jack and Ben playing chess was omitted.  I've got a log of changes that I need to make, and so once I finish posting all of the episodes my top priority will be getting these fixed and re-posted.

-As I said earlier, I am working on creating HQ versions of the series.  I will then share the whole series via torrent for those that would like to download it.  It's going to be a pretty sizable series, as the current version takes up about 40GB, so the HQ version might be closer to 100GB or so.  More to come on that when we get there.

-If any of my uploads stop working for some reason, just leave a comment on that episode's page, and I'll go ahead and get it re-uploaded.

Okay, I think that's all I've got.