Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Follow Up...

Hello to everyone, long time no talk.  I'm still alive, for those that are wondering.  I thought I would drop in and give a quick update to everyone on what's been going on.

-First, it was brought to my attention that my torrent files were being deleted from btjunkie, perhaps due to inactivity.  I have replaced all of these links with direct links that I am hosting on my own website, so that they will always be available to download.

-That being said, I would like everyone to realize that torrents are only effective as long as their is interest in them.  These torrents that I created were popular several months ago, so when people try and download them now, they may have trouble finding seeders.  Now, I have all the files available on my computer, so it's no problem for me to seed any of the torrents, but I can't seed them all at all times.  So, if you're trying to download a specific chapter, but can't find any seeders, drop me an e-mail.  mtmaloney at gmail dot com.  Let me know, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know when I can seed for you.  I might even try and put out a request on Twitter to see if anyone else can help out.  It's really the best I can do since these torrents are past their prime.

-I'm still converting away, working on my higher quality files.  Shouldn't be too much longer until I can post a link to the large torrent.  We're probably looking at a pretty big set of files, I'm guessing around 100GB total.  Needless to say, that one's going to take a while to get downloaded, so I hope there's enough interest to make it easier on everyone.

-I have a list of changes that I've made from the initial set of episodes that I put together.  They were a first draft, in a way.  When I post the torrent, I will also post a change log for anything I've gone in and fixed, for your information.

That's all I can think of for now, hope to have the final torrent out to all of you soon!