Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episode 022: 2004

We start off this episode with Claire going back to the psychic to get a reading.  Sun continues her English lessons, although they soon become more than that.  She also learns that Jin is infertile.  Hurley meanwhile is not enjoying his time as a lottery winner, despite his financial successes, as someone jumps off a building while he's meeting with his financial adviser, and later his newly owned Chicken Shack is hit by a meteor, resulting in one of my favorite death scenes when Tricia Tanaka is inside at the time of the meteor strike.  Hurley's father returns after many years, and tries to get him to see a fortune teller, and Jin is sent by Mr. Paik to kill Sun's adulterer.  Claire's psychic continues to call her to get her to heed his message to her, and Sun finalizes her plans to leave Jin once she's at the Sydney airport.  Sawyer is sent to Australia by a man who told him where he can find the person that killed his parents.  Hurley finds out that the numbers originated from a man in Australia.  Jin meets with his father and decides to escape to America with Sun when he goes to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik.  And finally, Sayid starts working for the government to help diffuse a terrorist cell with the promise that he will get to see Nadia again.
This episode runs 45:08 and is 360MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

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  1. oh man. it's a little nerve-racking watching all of our beloved losties living their lives out in this ordinary world, knowing that any day now SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN. keep up the great work on this series, man!

  2. Love the series. I'm a little behind on it, but I saw a blooper here.

    You should put "Tricia Tanaka"-events after Hurley visits Leonard at the institution. Because now you had Hurley telling his mom after Tricia Tanaka died that he had to go to Australia because that was what Lenny said.

    Then we have a lot of scenes with Hurley and his father until we flash to him being at the institution asking Lenny for where he found out about the Numbers. And it's HERE where he learns that they came from Sam Toomey in Australia.

  3. Good find. I do miss occasional lines here and there, and I missed Hurley telling his mom about Lenny. I will have to get that switched out.

  4. "Tricia Tanaka's dead." What a great line on LOSTies would know.