Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episode 021: 2004

Well, we've made it.  2004.  The year where it all started.  The countdown begins until we get to the day of the crash.  In Episode 021, we see Jin get promoted, then start to do some of Paik's dirty work.  Jack continues to handle his divorce from Sarah poorly, and it results in him getting into a fight with his father.  I have another couple of quick timeflashes that were thrown into this episode.  I tried to keep them close together, just because they're so quick.  Rose and Bernard get engaged, Hurley buys his mother a house, and Desmond learns about the fail safe underneath the hatch.  Kate is now a fugitive in Australia, and gets a job working for a farmer.  Jin & Sun go see a fertility doctor, and Sun is also learning how to speak English, unknown to Jin.  Thomas leaves Claire in the middle of her pregnancy, and we close out the episode with Jack discovering his father had been drinking, went into surgery, and made a mistake resulting in the patient's death.
This episode runs 46:32 and is 371MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

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  1. loved the juxtaposition of jin's accusation to sun against thomas' to claire!

  2. Should the drunk dad scenes come before the confrontation over Sarah which takes place at AA? Or did Christian relapse?

    1. I believe the way it plays out is that Christian relapses. We know that Christian drinking on the job and subsequently being fired happens close to the time of the crash, because him getting fired sends him into a tailspin and he ends up in Australia.

      However, the confrontation about Sarah has to take place much earlier than that, as they were still going through a divorce at the time, and Jack still had to end up in Thailand after the divorce. And actually, from Jack's conversation with Sarah after she bailed him out of jail, Jack's hangup on his marriage may have been what drove Christian back to drinking.

  3. I think it's evident based on what Sarah says that Christian was calling her drunk because he was worried Jack not being able to let go - which is his tragic trait - not being able to let go. It haunts him until the end of his life...

  4. I would have put Jin's "promotion" sooner after the blackmail, given that I'd always thought Paik's thing about, "Your husband will bear the debt", was what led to it.