Saturday, June 12, 2010

Episode 020: 2003 to 2004

A little bit of good, a little bit of not so good in this episode.  We start with Juliet and Goodwin together on the island, then we switch to everyone's favorite flashback series, Jack in Thailand.  Back in the USA, Ana Lucia gets back on the street after recovering from being shot.  Then we've got another time flash, this one is just a random flash with no distinct time period, so I decided to put it here.  Ana Lucia kills the guy that shot her, and quits the force.  Then we see Rose & Bernard meet, and Claire finds out she's pregnant, and makes her first trip to the psychic.  Jack is dealing with his separation from Sarah less than ideally, and we wrap up the episode with Hurley winning the lottery.
This episode runs 49:18, and is 407MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. I think we would have forgiven you if you left out the Thailand scenes... I was actually hoping you would :/

  2. part 1 keeps freezing at a minute or so in... :( - great job on the whole concept though - I love it!!

  3. I think the main problem with Jack's Thailand flashbacks is that it's not only pointless and boring (there were a lot of pointless, boring flashbacks in Season 3, after all) but that it's also kinda racist.

  4. In the description it should be Goodwin not Goodspeed.

    1. Ha, good catch, how has no one noticed that before?