Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Episode 015: 2001

This is around the time where I really start to enjoy these flashbacks, and where they're headed.  I loved how the older sequences played out, the 1950s, the 1970s, etc., but the earlier flashbacks, Locke at the commune, Sayid getting captured, stuff like that, just didn't do a lot for me.  But I feel like, now that we're getting closer to 2004, the flashbacks have more weight to them, and I just find myself enjoying the sequences more.  In this episode, we see Desmond get himself a boat for a race around the world, and later he runs into Penny one last time before he gets to the island, and meets Jack in the stadium.  We also start our Jack/Sarah storyline, a story I don't particularly love, but it will only last a few episodes.  Intertwined with that we have Shannon learning of her father's death and ultimately setting off to be on her own.  In the second half of the episode, Kate is arrested for the murder of her stepfather, and Sawyer pulls a long con on his girlfriend Cassidy.
The episode runs 51:29 and is 413MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. Oh, wow. This was a head trip. I never made the connection before that Sarah's car accident and Shannon's father's car accident was the same accident.

    1. Yeah, they were never very obvious in the connection, just a brief shot of Shannon in a Jack story line, a mention of the last name Rutherford, Shannon's last name. That was about it, it was easy to miss.