Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 095: 2007 (The Island - Days 11 to 13)

Jack wake up in an outrigger, Sayid tells him they're on Hydra Island.  Widmore has Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Frank, Hurley and Claire all put inside the polar bear cage.  He's doing it to try and keep them alive.  Locke tells Jack that he needs his help to get them all away from Widmore.  Locke says he needs to trust him, because he could just kill Jack, and everyone else, but he needs to help them all escape the island.  The smoke monster shows up and attacks Widmore's people.  Jack shows up and helps everyone escape from the polar bear cage.  Locke heads to the plane, looks around and sees that it is wired to explode.  He undoes the wiring and takes the bomb off the plane.  He tells everyone that they can't fly out on the plane, so they have to take the sub instead.  They storm the sub, take it over, and everyone but Locke and Claire get on the submarine.  What's left of Widmore's people try and attack them before they can go, Kate is shot in the shoulder, but then Locke goes and kills all of them.  Sawyer uses the diversion to close the hatch to the sub and preventing Locke from getting on board.  Once on board they start to dive, and Jack goes to look at Kate's shoulder.  However, when he goes to get the supplies out of his backpack, he discovers that Locke took the bomb from the plane and put it in a pack that he gave to Jack.  There's a timer on the bomb.  Jack realizes that Locke did all of this on purpose.  He put them in an isolated place that they couldn't get out of.  He said that he believes that Locke can't kill them, so he put them in a position where they could kill themselves.  He believes if they interfere with the bomb in any way, it will blow up and they will all die.  If they don't do anything, the bomb can't explode, because Locke can't kill them.  However, Sawyer doesn't believe them, and pulls the wires.  This causes the clock to count down faster.  With only a few seconds left, Sayid takes the bomb, tells Jack where Desmond is, then runs with the bomb to another part of the sub.  The bomb explodes, killing Sayid.  Frank is knocked unconscious by a hatch door breaking loose from the water rushing in.  Hurley takes Kate and leaves the sub.  Sun is pinned to the sub, and Sawyer, Jack and Jin try and get her free.  Sawyer is knocked out by a falling pipe, and Jack has to help him to the surface.  Jin stays below with Sun.  He can't free her, but doesn't want to leave her either, so they both drown.  On the beach, Jack pulls Sawyer out from the water, and Hurley and Kate head over.  They realize they are the only ones that made it out.  On Hydra Island, Locke stands at the dock, and realizes that some of them made it out, and heads over to finish what he started.  Jack tells Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley that they need to go find Desmond.  Ben, Richard, and Miles arrive at the barracks to get the explosives to blow up the plane.  Zoe arrives with Charles Widmore.  While Jack & co. head towards the well, Hurley sees Jacob, who tells him to get his friends, he needs to talk to all of them.  Zoe tells Widmore that Locke has arrived.  They go into Ben's secret room to hide.  Richard says he's going out to talk to him, and Ben goes out with him.  The smoke monster shows up and hits Richard and sends him flying.  Locke then comes up to Ben and tells him he needs his help.  Ben shows him where Widmore and Zoe is.  Locke kills Zoe, then tries to find out from Widmore why he brought Desmond to the island.  Before Widmore can tell him anything, Ben kills him.  At Jacob's camp, he tells everyone why they were chosen to come to the island.  He tells them that he needed to find a successor.  He tells them that he brought them all to the island because their lives were flawed, they were alone, they were unhappy.  He needs one of them to decide to replace him.  Jack steps forward, and agrees to take over.  Jacob takes him to the creek, has him drink a cup of water, chants something in Latin, and says "now you're like me".  As the episode comes to an end, Locke and Ben arrive at the well and discover that he's gone, and Locke reveals to Ben his plan to destroy the island.  The episode runs 55:26 and is 453MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

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