Monday, August 16, 2010

Episode 086: December 2007 (The Island - Day 1)

And just like that, we're headed back to the island.  Kind of crazy that they spent almost a season and a half showing us these flash forwards, and here we've knocked them out of the way in six episodes.  But I digress.  Kate talks to Cassidy as she's unsure what to do about the island and Aaron.  Jack visits his grandfather, who tried to escape his nursing home, and comes across a pair of his father's shoes, that he decides to bring on the flight.  Hurley is released from jail, and when he catches a cab outside the prison, he ends up sharing a cab with Jacob.  Jacob talks him into going back to the island, and gives him a guitar case to take with.  Kate visits Mrs. Littleton, and tells her that she's going back to the island to get Claire, and she leaves Aaron with her while she's gone.  The next day, Ben is at the harbor, and calls Charles Widmore, telling him that he's going to do what he did to him, kill his daughter.  He goes to kill Penny, who is on their boat.  Desmond gets in his way so he shoots him in the shoulder.  But he hesitates to kill Penny once he sees Charlie on the boat.  This allows Desmond to recover and he beats the holy hell out of Ben and throws him into the ocean.  Ben calls Jack and tells him that he needs to go get Locke's body and take it to the airport.  Jack arrives at the airport with Locke's body.  He sees Sun in line behind him.  They then see Sayid, in handcuffs, arrive with Ilana.  Hurley is waiting at the gate, when he runs into Jack.  Sayid and Ilana board, followed by Jack and Hurley.  They see Kate already on the plane, and just before they close the door Ben arrives, his arm in a sling.  The flight takes off, and while they're in the air, they discover that Frank Lapidus is flying their plane.  Frank sees everyone on the plane and realizes they're not headed to Guam as originally planned.  In the hospital Eloise meets with Penny.  Penny is able to see Desmond, who is out of surgery and will recover from his wound.  Back on the flight turbulence begins, there is a humming noise, and a bright white light, and once the light dies down, all of a sudden it has gone from night to day outside, and Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley have all disappeared, sent back to 1977.  The plane stalls, and Frank has to try and land the plane on the island.  Fortunately, there's a runway on the island that the Others were building three years ago when Kate and Sawyer were held captive on Hyrda Island.  The plane lands, and Frank and Sun realize that the others have all inexplicably disappeared.  The episode runs 42:45 and is 349MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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