Friday, August 20, 2010

Episode 094: 2007 (The Island - Days 10 to 11)

Hurley visits Libby's grave, when Michael shows up to stop Hurley from making a mistake.  He tells Hurley that they can't blow up the plane.  Hurley tells everyone that he doesn't think they should blow up the plane.  Ilana starts to tell them that they have to do whatever they can to stop Locke from getting off the island.  Oh, I should mention that she just got back from collecting dynamite at the Black Rock, because she drops her bag of dynamite on the ground, and she blows up Arzt-style.  Sayid comes back to Locke's camp and takes him to Desmond.  Locke tries to find out why Widmore brought Desmond onto the island.  Hurley and co. head to the Black Rock to get more dynamite to blow up the plane.  Only Hurley doesn't want the plane to blow up, so instead he lights the dynamite in the ship and blows it all up.  Richard, Ben and Miles head off to the barracks to find some more weapons and ammo to blow up the plane.  Jack, Sun and Frank stay with Hurley and head off towards Locke's camp, because Hurley thinks they're supposed to talk to him.  Hurley sees Michael again, and realizes that the voices, the whispers that they hear on the island, are lost souls, like Michael's, stuck on the island for their past actions.  Locke takes Desmond out to a clearing, where there's a well, similar to the one Locke went down before he turned the wheel on the island.  Locke throws him down there to keep him hidden from Widmore.  He heads back to his camp, and Hurley arrives with Jack, Sun and Frank.  Locke and Jack sit down to talk, and Locke admits that he appeared to him as Christian back when they first crashed.  Sawyer shares his escape plane for getting off the island via the sub with Hurley, and later Jack.  Zoe arrives and threatens Locke by telling him if he doesn't give Desmond back they're going to blow up his camp.  Locke has Sayid go out to the well to kills Desmond, but Sayid can't go through with it.  Sawyer and Kate are sent by Locke to go and get his sailboat, which they go and get so that they can escape to the other island.  Locke's camp heads toward the beach to meet up with Sawyer and the boat.  But he's worried that Sayid has been gone for too long, so he heads off to find him first.  Once he leaves, Jack, Sun, Frank and Hurley all leave the group and head for their meeting point with Sawyer and Kate.  Sayid tells Locke that he killed Desmond.  Claire finds everyone trying to escape on the boat.  Kate lets her come with.  While on the boat, Jack tells Sawyer that he doesn't think they should leave the island.  He thinks he's supposed to stay.  Sawyer's not having any of it, and makes him leave the boat.  Jack jumps and swims back to shore, where he runs into Locke and the Others.  Meanwhile, Sawyer and everyone else arrive on Hydra Island, where they are stopped by Widmore's people.  Jin and Sun are finally reunited.  With (most of) the candidates away from Locke, Widmore orders artillery fire on Locke's location, and most of the Others are blown up.  Locke rescues Jack and takes him to safety.  The episode runs 50:26 and is 421MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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