Thursday, August 19, 2010

Episode 091: 2007 (The Island - Days 6 to 7)

Hurley heads into the Temple looking for something to eat, and instead he runs into Jacob.  Sayid discovers that Dogen wants him dead.  Hurley gets Jack to go with him outside of the Temple.  Jin wakes up, his ankle still hurt, inside of Claire's camp.  Claire shows up with one of the Others that she shot but is still alive.  Claire's convinced that the Others have taken Aaron.  While Hurley and Jack head through the jungle, they come across the caves, one of the first places they ever visited on the island.  Jack tells Hurley that he came back to the island because he was broken, and he thought the island could fix him.  They arrive at a light house along the coast.  Claire can't get an answer from the Other, so she puts an axe into his chest.  Jack and Hurley get to the top of the light house, and they see a set of mirrors, that operate on a device that turns a full 360 degrees.  Every degree on the wheel has a name next to it.  Included in the names are the Candidates, Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Kwon, and Shephard.  Jack sees his name, and turns the wheel to 23 degrees, his number.  When he does, in the mirror, he sees his childhood home.  He realizes that Jacob's been watching him his whole life, and wants to know why.  He freaks out and breaks all of the mirrors.  Later, Jacob appears to Hurley, and Hurley realizes that Jacob planned for all of this to happen.  Sayid and Dogen discuss their...differences, and get into a fight.  Dogen banishes Sayid from the Temple, but before he can enforce it Claire arrives, and delivers a message that Locke wants to talk to Dogen.  Dogen chooses to send Sayid instead, and gives him a dagger that he's supposed to use to try and kill Locke.  Kate arrives back to the Temple, and finds out that Claire is back.  Sayid heads out to meet Locke, and when he sees him he stabs him with the knife to no avail.  Locke sends Sayid back to the Temple to deliver a message, with the promise of him being able to be with the one that he loved.  Sayid goes, and tells everyone in the Temple that if they want to live, they have until sun down to leave and join Locke.  Otherwise, everyone who is left dies.  Just before sun down, Sayid goes into the Temple, and kills Dogen, as well as Lennon.  The smoke monster then shows up and wipes out the entire camp.  Kate hides in the pit they're keeping Claire in.  Ilana, Frank, Sun and Ben all show up in the Temple, and help Miles escape the Temple.  The episode comes to an end with Sayid joining up with Locke and the Others, with Kate trailing behind.  The episode runs 53:53 and is 450MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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