Friday, August 20, 2010

Episode 093: 2007 (The Island - Days 8 to 9)

Ilana explains to everyone how she came to be in their service, her meeting with Jacob, and the task he put in front of her.  She tells them that Jacob told her that Richard would know what to do, but he has no idea.  Richard, still disillusioned with Jacob, heads off into the jungle.  At Locke's camp, Locke heads off for a mission.  Once he leaves, Widmore's people shoot everyone with tranquilizer darts and take Jin back to their sub.  Richard goes to where he buried his wife's necklace many years ago, and calls out to Locke, that he wants to join him.  Hurley shows up, and tells him that he can see his wife, and that she wants to talk to him.  They converse through Hurley, and she tells him that he has to stop Locke from leaving the island.  At the beach camp, Sun is keeping busy by going back to her garden, when Locke shows up.  He tries to get Sun to go with him, but she runs off and hits her head on a tree.  When she comes to, she is unable to speak English, although she can understand it.  Locke heads back to his camp, where he finds everyone unconscious and Jin gone.  Jin wakes up inside Room 23 on Hydra Island.  Locke heads over to Hydra Island to confront Charles Widmore.  Richard comes back to the beach camp, and his plan to stop Locke is to blow up the plane so that he can't leave.  Widmore meets with Jin, and gives him Sun's digital camera from the plane, where he sees pictures of his daughter for the first time.  Widmore is seeking Jin's help, because in the Dharma Initiative he helped map out the island, and he is looking for more information about the pockets of electromagnetic energy.  Widmore wants to show Jin who he took with him on the sub to help him accomplish his goal.  As they take him out of the sub, we see that it's Desmond.  Sayid has secretly infiltrated Widmore's camp and sees this as well.  Widmore tells Desmond that he needs his help, since he is the only person he knows that has ever survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event.  He places him inside a small wooden building with a large electromagnetic generator inside, to create a similar effect as what occurred when the hatch imploded.  The generator is turned on and Desmond's mind flashes...somewhere else.  He wakes up a few seconds later, much more willing to help Widmore than he was before he flashed.  Widmore's people take Desmond back to their camp, when Sayid shows up and kills them, and takes Desmond back to Locke's camp.  The episode runs 47:25 and is 385MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. Why weren't Ilana's flashbacks inserted in the 2004-2007 scenes?

  2. @David - It's for the same reason I chose not to put Claire's memories in chronological order when she regained her memory. This scene with Jacob and Ilana wasn't really a flashback, so much as it was a visual narrative for us as Ilana told everyone around the fire her story of how she came to be on the island.

  3. it does seem a little out of place... given the premise of this project.

    but the scene would be choppy without it.

  4. Having them in both spots would be good. They seem like accurate, full scenes of what happened, but they're also memories in the moment and stories being told by her to the others.

    I love how the on Island stuff is progressing so quickly this way. In just a couple of days so much has happened!

  5. I also agree that these Ilana scenes should be, at the minimum, places also in the 2004 - 2007 scenes. I would argue that they should only be in the earlier time period. I see these scenes characterized very differently then the Claire memory scenes, for a few reasons:

    – Claire is experiencing those memories for the first time, and thus so are we as the audience (which I'm assuming is one of the reasons you kept it where you did). This is characterized by certain camera tricks (Claire seeing herself on the log) and the flashes of moments that often started or ended her memory scenes.
    – I believe the creators showed these mini-flashbacks of Ilana's conversation to make it more interesting then just showing her tell the story to the group.
    – These "mini" flashbacks of Ilana and Jacob have the same musical and sound cues that characterize every other flashback(or sideways, forwards) in the series (the "wooshing" sounds). I could be wrong, but I don't recall the Claire memories having these sounds effects.

    Thoughts, Mike?

    By the way, I'm almost done watching Chronologically Lost! And loving it!!

    1. Great, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

      You know, to be honest, I went back and watched the beginning of the episode, I'm not really sure I agree with my decision to keep it there either. I was thinking maybe there was some issue with her voice over or jump cuts back and forth that pushed me to leave it there, but it seems like a pretty distinct, separate clip, albeit a short one.

      I'm sure at the time I had a reason for it, but in hindsight, not sure if that was the right way to go.