Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode 053: November 20-21, 2004 (Days 60 to 61)

Sun is working on her garden, but Jin doesn't want her out there by herself any more after she was attacked.  She's feeling a little faint, and is concerned she might be pregnant, so she gets a pregnancy test from Sawyer.  Locke sends Ana Lucia in to interrogate Ben.  She gets him to draw a map to the supposed hot air balloon he crashed in.  She doesn't tell Jack or Locke about it because they're a little too concerned with each other.  She instead takes the map to Sayid and Charlie, and the three of them head off to try and find it.  Sun finds out she's pregnant, but doesn't know if the baby is Jin's since he's supposed to be sterile and she cheated on him.  While out in the jungle, Ana Lucia apologizes to Sayid for killing Shannon.  Sun tells Jin she's pregnant, but lies about cheating on him.  Charlie finds the balloon and the grave of Henry Gale's wife right where Ben told them it was.  Jack and Locke let Ben out for some breakfast, and he tells them that he gave Ana Lucia a map to his balloon, and hypothesizes what he might do if he really was an Other.  While Locke is in the hatch, a voice starts playing over the loud speaker.  It's counting down, and when it gets to zero, all of the blast doors drop down.  Locke lets Ben out to try and help him open one of the blast doors so that he can get to the computer, but the door closes down on one of his legs and he's trapped.  Sawyer and Jack play poker for control of the medical supplies.  Locke tells Ben to go through the duct and put in the numbers, but Ben disappears, and when the clock countsdown, the black lights come on and Locke sees the map that Inman and Radzinsky made.  Then the lights come back on, and the blast doors lift up.  Kate and Jack head out to the hatch, but when they get out there they see a food drop.  They also run into Sayid, Charlie and Ana Lucia.  Ben is helping Locke and his leg when everyone comes in and confronts Ben.  The episode ends with Sayid telling Ben that they know he was lying about being Henry Gale, as they dug up his body.  The episode runs 58:31 and is 470MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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