Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 055: November 23-24, 2004 (Days 63 to 64)

Bernard's got an idea.  He wants to take a lot of stones, and build a gigantic SOS sign on the beach.  Jack is heading out to the jungle to find the Others and trade Walt for Ben.  Bernard's having trouble recruiting people to his cause, but he's always got Jin, because he doesn't understand what's going on anyways.  Locke is trying to map out what he saw on the hatch.  Kate, always being the clever one, manages to get her and Jack into one of Rousseau's traps, but they're able to escape.  Rose & Locke have a discussion about the island, and Rose lets on that she knows Locke was in a wheelchair.  Everyone's given up on Bernard, so Rose tries to comfort him, and tells him about the island, and its healing power, and that she doesn't want to leave the island because her cancer is gone.  While Jack and Kate wait for the Others, instead Michael comes stumbling out of the jungle.  Ana Lucia gives Ben some breakfast, but gets careless and Ben almost kills her.  She then tries to get a gun from Sawyer, and decides to use sex as a way to distract him so that she can steal it.  Hurley's trying to set up a picnic date with Libby, but it's a surprise where he's taking her.  Michael wakes up, and tells him about his experience with the Others.  He tells them they're simple people, and that they are vulnerable for attack.  While Hurley and Libby go out for their picnic, Hurley realizes he forgot a blanket, and anything to drink.  He heads back to camp so we can have a horribly awkward mobisode with Hurley and Frogurt, and Libby heads back to the hatch.  Jack, Kate and Locke go to Sawyer to get the guns, which is when Sawyer realizes Ana Lucia stole his, and Locke realizes why she stole it.  Ana Lucia tries to shoot Ben, but can't bring himself to do it.  Michael wakes up, and goes to talk to Ana Lucia.  She tells him she couldn't kill him, so he tells her to give him the gun, and he'll do it.  He takes the gun, kills Ana Lucia, then kills Libby, who had just made it back into the hatch.  He opens up the armory door, shoots himself in the shoulder, and allows Ben to escape.  The episode runs 57:24 and is 471MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. I think the flash while Rose is talking should have been left in. We could consider it a memory happening while she's talking.

    I know you're probably right in removing it, but it's strange having audio without video and seeing her meet John before they board (if it's the right flash I'm thinking of) explains how they both know the other was sick.

    1. Fair point. There are several scenes with people talking in the background (Juliet going over her infiltration plan with Ben, Hurley talking to Rose while his friend learns he won the lottery on the screen, Desmond cutting Naomi down from the tree while he and Penny meet on screen, etc. I just tried to keep it consistent.

      Besides, I kind of like it this way, there's less handholding for the viewer. In this version, Rose sees John in his wheelchair in the airport, then many episodes later the scene is cleverly referenced without us seeing the moment happen on our screens at the same time to hammer the point home.