Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode 054: November 22-23, 2004 (Days 62-63)

Hurley and Libby are out exercising, and Hurley shows Libby his stash of food.  He decides to get rid of it, only to find out that another crate of food was dropped.  This leads to Hurley blowing a gasket and seeing his old imaginary friend Dave again.  Hurley thinks he's going crazy, and Dave tries to convince him that he's still in the mental hospital, in a coma.  Sayid and Ana Lucia try to interrogate Ben to find out what they can about the Others.  Charlie helps Eko build his church.  Dave tries to get Hurley to jump off a cliff, to wake up from his dream, but Libby talks him down and they head off together.  Locke goes in to talk to Ben, and tries to find out what he's doing there.  Ben tells him that he was coming for Locke.  Michael is interrogated by one of the Others, and is able to see Walt for a few minutes.  He's given a list of people to bring to the Others, and if he does, they will give him Walt.  Juliet stops by to tell him that Walt is special, and that she's glad Michael can get him off the island.  The episode ends with Jack checking on Ben, and Ben telling him that the Others will never give him Walt.  The episode runs 46:01 and is 382MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

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  1. Dave is MIB trying to get Hurley to kill himself because he's not allowed to do it himself. This would prove that Dave is a dead person that Hurley saw in the flashbacks since smokey can only turn into people if they're dead. Think about it. Hurley probably sees dead people all the time, he's just not aware that they're dead because he didn't know them when they were alive. He only becomes aware of his ability after he experiences the deaths of his friends on the Island.

  2. Dave is one of my favorite unanswered mysteries of the show. There is no definitive "This is what Dave is", and both possibilities are intriguing and plausible. One one hand, Dave could be a figment of Hurley's imagination, someone that embodies Hurley's guilt from the accident, and is manifested as someone that encourages Hurley to eat more, since that's something he uses to escape his problems. It would make sense why he would show up in Santa Rose, and it would also make sense why he would show up on the island after the food drop is discovered, since Hurley just finished ridding himself of the remaining Dharma food (and dealing with his problems) only to have it all come crashing down on him again.

    But on the other hand, there's this idea of Dave being something else. In Santa Rosa, he could have been a dead person that Hurley could see, and that the doctor interpreted as a figment of Hurley's imagination. Then, on the island, as you said, the Smoke Monster chose to manifest himself as Dave to try and get Hurley to kill himself (which, whether by coincidence or not holds up very well considering Hurley was a candidate and ultimately took over Jacob's role). The only thing I might counter that with is that Hurley was never scanned by the Smoke Monster, so he wouldn't know to appear as Dave to Hurley, but that's a fairly minor point.

    They're both really solid theories though, and totally viable options. Definitely a great LOST mystery.

  3. smokey also can't turn into dead people unless their bodies are on the island, which is why locke's body had to come back with the o6. i like the theory that dave is actually libby's ex husband who drove her crazy, died, and left her the boat. and as a ghost, dave is just trying to keep libby from dating other people.

  4. the juliet/michael scene might be one of the best mobisodes - it fits seamlessly, and highlights a cool good cop/bad cop game that juliet was playing with bea. i also never caught the reference to putting walt 'back in the room,' which really stuck this time because we'd just seen the previous mobisode dealing with walt in room 23

  5. @joelarue - Never heard that theory about Dave, but I like it a lot. Dave's really turned into a great discussion piece considering what a relatively minor character he is.

  6. @joelarue: Richard's wife's body isn't on the Island. He also appeared as Walt, who was not dead.

    Apparently, producers have stated that MIB was not Dave, but given the direction the series went, I think they should take that back. It would make the earliest reference to MIB's end goal for the series.

    1. Depending on the situation I don't always give a lot of credence to what the producers try and tell us. Often times when the show was on they would indicate one thing even if that wasn't actually the case to try and throw people off the scent. That's not to say that some things they told us were true, but it just depends.