Monday, August 2, 2010

Episode 070: December 15-18, 2004 (Days 85 to 88)

While trying to figure out what to do with Naomi, she starts saying in Spanish that she's dying.  Hurley goes through her pack to try and find something to help, but he sets off a flare gun instead, which attracts the attention of Mikhail.  Back at camp, Sun becomes suspicious of Jack and the questions he's asking, and Sun learns that Juliet is a fertility doctor, and wants to know their interest in pregnant women.  Jin is able to chase down Mikhail and capture him.  He offers to help Naomi if they let him go.  Juliet takes Sun to the medical hatch to see when she became pregnant, so that she knows whether or not she's in danger of dying, and also whether or not the baby is Jin's.  Mikhail saves Naomi, and they let him leave.  Juliet performs a sonogram, and determines that Sun got pregnant on the island, meaning it is Jin's baby, and also that she must leave the island soon or else she will die.  The next morning we get another mobisode, where Juliet comes clean with Jack and tells her that her original intention was to work for the Others and sabotage everyone at the beach camp.  Desmond & co. build a stretcher for Naomi, and Charlie eerily comments that they should have killed Mikhail when they had the chance.  Naomi wakes up, and when Hurley tells her that she was on Oceanic 815, Naomi tells her that she saw the wreckage, and that there were no survivors.  At the Others camp, Ben tells Locke of their plan to infiltrate the beach camp to take the pregnant survivors with the help of Juliet.  He then takes Locke to his father, and in a very Star Wars moment, tells him that he must confront and kill his father before he'll be 'ready' to join the Others on the island.  Locke can't do it, and Ben tells everyone that he's not who they thought he was.  Later, Richard introduces himself and tells Locke that Ben was setting him up, because Ben feels threatened by Locke.  He tells Locke that he's very special, and that he's supposed to focus on more important things.  He says that Locke's father must die, and in order to help that happen, he gives Locke Sawyer's file.  The next day the Others break camp, and Ben tells Locke not to come back unless he's dragging his father's body behind him.  The episode runs 41:35 and is 337MB to download.  You can stream the episode below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

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  1. Hey mike,

    I'm sure this is a point for LOST's continuity rather than yours but when mikhail leave's Jin, Charlie etc it's night time, Sun and Juliet come up from the medical station in the daylight, the next scene is Juliet with Jack at night and the scene after that is the guys in the day light building a stretcher for Naomi...

    1. Yeah, I remember LOST being notoriously terrible at getting their daytime/nighttime scenes right. I'd have to double check the video, but wasn't it nighttime when Juliet and Sun went into the hatch, and then daytime when they came out, even though they were only down there to do a quick ultrasound? I always wondered why it was that that stuff was frequently so off.