Saturday, June 5, 2010

Episode 012: 1996 to 1999

Back to a little more normalcy in Episode 012.  Michael says good-bye to Walt, Locke moves to a rural commune after Helen leaves him, Charlie saves Nadia from being robbed, Miles visits his dying mother, and Desmond is discharged from the army.  Charlie and Liam decide to go forward with Driveshaft, Jin gets a job at a hotel while Sun tries to find a husband.  And we finish out the episode with Sawyer trying to con a family in the same manner that Anthony Cooper conned his parents, but leaving upon discovering they have a child.
This episode runs 48:20 and is 396MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

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  1. What about when Desmond and Penny took the picture?

  2. I talked a little bit about "Flashes Before Our Eyes" when I addressed the flash sideways in my FAQ. Here's what I said at the time:

    "There is some precedence for how to handle flash sideways, because we (unknown to us at the time) experienced one in Season 3 in "Flashes Before Your Eyes", after Desmond turned the key in the hatch. Desmond flashed to 1996, only it wasn't 1996 in our world, but it was a similar world. What happened in this place did not affect anything that happened in his actual life, his talking to Charlie, meeting Eloise, etc. Now, since this flash sideways did not occur in our world, just because in the flash sideways world it was 1996, does not mean that's where it falls in our master timeline. Instead, we would place this flash sideways at the moment Desmond starts to experience it. As we saw in our world, Desmond started experiencing his flash sideways the moment he turned the key, and when he finished the experience, he woke up in the jungle. And so in our timeline, that's where it will be placed."

    So, now that we know a little more about the flash sideways, what we saw with Desmond wasn't exactly the same, but I still think they're related. I almost consider what happened to Desmond to be a bit of a near death experience, a temporary journey into his version (at the time) of the flash sideways world that we saw in Season 6. Whatever it actually is, my reasoning above about placing it directly after he turns the key still stands, so that's when it will appear, and you will see Desmond and Penny take the picture together.

  3. Desmond is always going to be a tricky subject and could play out MANY different ways. I think you handled The Constant PERFECTLY!

  4. Oh, i never thought of that. Maybe consider putting that part here; the way it tells the story of their relationship, their breakup before they start to find each other again. Chronologically it fits in the narrative, and "There is no now here" so we're not breaking any rules.

    What makes "Chronologically LOST" so great is getting to watch the characters lives unfold at a different perspective. It feels like somethings missing when we see Desmond and Penny meet, then next she wants nothing to do with him. It felt incomplete to me.

  5. I don't think I agree that Flashes Before Your Eyes is a Flash Sideways.

    At least, we know its not a Flash Sideways in the same sense that the Season 6 ones were or even the same Flash Sideways(if it is indeed one) because in the Flash Sideways timeline Desmond and Penny didn't meet until "The Package", yet here they are having a relationship together.

    As for what happened in the Flash to 1996 not affecting his life, have you considered that it is what led him on the path to the island? We know "Whatever Happened, Happened." is fact, so why assume that the events in "Flashes before Your Eyes" don't follow this precedent.

    I've always thought that this is simply what happened to Desmond and Penny's relationship. That Eliose always told him he wasn't supposed to mary Penny and that the coward in Desmond, the same one that kept him from being with Penny without her father's approval, seized that as an excuse to get out of his relationship with Penny.

    Also, Desmond and Eliose only meet in this episode and "316" yet they recognize one another in the church in "316" and Desmond accuses her of stealing four years of his life, which Eliose did by setting him on the path to the island. That seems to me like the Flash affecting his life, no?

    Love this series, but we must keep in mind that while time is linear for Chronologically Lost, in the actual Lost narrative it is anything but. I don't see anything that differentiates this Flash experience with the ones Desmond experienced in "The Constant"

    Also, I'm of the mind that Desmond knowing about the Flash Sideways timeline is just another instance of him time traveling, to the future this time. Because the sideways isn't an alternate timeline it's the collective future for all of our characters before the next life. So when Des got blasted I took it that his mind was thrown through time, further then ever before, and into the his conciousness as it exists in the future when it occupies the "LA X" timeline.

    1. I thought that, too. Alas, he never fixed it.

  6. tldr version

    This, in my opinion, is exactly like Locke's compass. That is because time is not linear in things like Lost and Slaughterhouse Five where this style of time travel is used.

  7. I'll also post a link from the Official Lost Podcast which further cements this an a time travel event,_2007

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  9. So what are your plans for the 'fixed' chronolost episodes? Are you going to move the Flashes Before Your Eyes scene or not? Coz it looks like the majority thinks you should.

    Or you should start a poll.

  10. the scene with charlie saving nadia from the mugger should be way earlier.
    i guess it's possible but how likely is it that nadia escaped iraq,made it to the u.s.,where we see locke inspecting her home,and then went back to europe?more likely that this is her on her way to the u.s. through the u.k.
    it fits closer to when charlie was playing on streetcorners for change,just like we see here,back when des ran into him.
    plus the next time we see charlie they are signing driveshaft.
    desmond couldnt have spent that much time in jail for not following orders.

  11. wow shut up!! this guy, cut and edited all this stuff together for you, sorry you have a different interpretation of Desmond's flash-something. No one's taking a damn poll, he's not going back and re-editing it, if you care so much then edit your own version together.