Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Episode 007: 1977 (Day 3 to Day 4)

We're almost there.  Episode 007 shows us the rest of Day 3 and takes into Day 4, the day of The Incident.  Hurley is working on a rewrite of The Empire Strikes Back, because Ewoks suck, dude.  Faraday returns to the island with a purpose in mind, but instead ends up with an unfortunate run-in with his mother, and Sawyer  throws out his first recommendation that they commandeer a submarine.
This episode runs 43:04 and is 354MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. GREAT stuff so far. I watch every night! Where are you going to place Eko and Sayid's childood stories. I would have thought they would have gone before 77. Just curious.

  2. Thanks, glad you like it!

    Eko and Sayid will be making an appearance very shortly. With all of the sequences in the 1950s and the 1970s, I tried to avoid flashbacks whenever possible, which is why you've only seen Locke, Ben, and Sawyer. Once the Incident happens, we will start seeing a lot of old flashbacks, including Sayid and Eko.

  3. Ain't there supposed to be a scene where faraday gets told that he has to wear a hardhat, right before he bumps into Chang at the orchid?

    Did I miss that or does that scene not exist?

  4. The scene does exist. However, there are two versions of this scene. There is the version at the beginning of Season 5, in the episode "Because You Left". In that episode we see Dr. Chang wake up, go to do his orientation video, then get interrupted and go to the Swan site, where he bumps into Faraday. Then, there is the version towards the end of Season 5, in the episode "The Variable". In that episode we see Dr. Chang arrive at the Swan site, and head down to look at the drilling, where he bumps into Faraday. Each episode contains some similarities and some differences in regards to what we see in the sequence, so when I took the two and mashed them together into one complete sequence, for whatever reason (I can't remember off the top of my head) I used the former sequence that shows Chang bumping into Daniel. So, because of that you don't hear the 'hard hat' line that was said the second time around.

  5. So just curious. In this ep we see Pierre Chang wake up at 8:15, put on some country & say good morning to Baby Miles. Then, one or two scenes later, Jack is talking to Sawyer at his bungalow & says something like, 'You're doing so-and-so at six in the morning?' Just curious, is Jack still on Australian time? Is he rounding REALLLLY badly? Did I miss a scene where they talk about his clock being broken? Or should this have actually occurred a little earlier than what it did in the ep? Just wondering! Overall I'm loving this project!

  6. @Michael T Bradley - Good find sir, I'm just going to have to chalk that up to a continuity error on my part. Didn't notice the clock and the mention of six o'clock by Jack. So, you're right, probably should have had those two scenes switched around.

  7. I think it's some continuity errors on the show, actually Faraday leaves to the Orchid at the same time as Pierre essentially. He's following him after all. The night before, they were both at the submarine. Then, Pierre is waking up in bed at 8:15 while Faraday and Miles are only just arriving to see Jack, at a little before 6 in the morning. If Jack has the time right when he confronts Sawyer, then that means Faraday and Pierre couldn't be on the same schedule as they appear to be. Also, it's strange that Pierre would get back from the submarine in time to sleep, but it takes Miles and Faraday until early morning to arrive at Jack's.

  8. Hey again, Mike! After watching this episode I did see a few things. Again, I don't want to be annoying, just thought I might be able to help resolve some of the inconsistencies! These are very small things and definitely aren't a big deal, but I think should be easily fixable.

    First of all, I agree with the comments above (Michael Bradley) that the scenes in the beginning of day 4 are a little mixed up. This is how I see it working out:

    - Directly following the scene at the dock where Faraday says "I need you to take me to Jack's right now" should be the scene between Miles, Faraday and Jack at Jack's house. You can tell by the dim sunlight that it is still very early in the morning (probably around 5:30am), and by the fact that Jack is woken up when it happens.
    - Right after this should be the scene where Jack goes to Sawyers house (and mentions that it's 6 in the morning) and shows Jack that he has Phil in the closet.
    - Following this should be all the scenes with Dr. Chang from "Because You Left" including him waking up at 8:15, saying hi to baby Miles, and going to film the orientation film.
    - Then you show Faraday and Miles waiting for Chang to show up, and then the following scene at the Orchid.
    This all works for one simple reason: Faraday and Miles are seen waiting at the Orchid for Chang to show up. So, it makes perfect sense that they could have been waiting there from around 6:30 until 9ish when Chang finally shows up. (Yes it seems like a long time, but it still makes sense and is without continuity error)

    Also, one more thing. The editing together of the scenes in the Orchid does seem a little off. In the second video above, at 6:08 you can hear Chang say "You're going to do nothing" from the Faraday shot. But, Chang doesn't say that until 6:38 in the other shot. So, I think this could be fixed up by shifting things around a little bit so that the quotes line up. Also, there seems to be enough time from when Chang says "You're going to do nothing" until he bumps into Faraday to include the scene where Faraday is told to put a hard hat on. Now I haven't looked at the videos side by side to see how easy it would be to splice together correctly, but I think it should be able to be done.

    Hope that is helpful! What do you think?

  9. Not sure what happened to the links?

    1. I think Facebook deleted the Chronologically LOST fan page, so the videos were wiped out with it. I have to go through and take out all the FB references. The torrent is now the only way to watch the episodes.

    2. No worries, two seconds after I wrote this I went right to the torrent...just wanted to say what an amazing job you did on this, I'm really enjoying it, thanks for your all hard work!