Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Episode 008: 1977 (Day 4)

Episode 008, our last look at the Dharma Initiative in the 1970s.  With Daniel Faraday dead, Jack follows through with his play to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the electromagnetic pocket where the Swan is being built.  Sayid gets shot, poor Phil is impaled, Juliet falls down the drill shaft, and the episode ends with the Incident occurring.  This is a long episode, to accommodate the rest of our time with the Losties in 1977.
The episode runs 65:46, and is 546MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. Hmm why didn't you use the inverted LOST? Just curious.

  2. No particular reason, other than I felt like the inverted LOST ending was really just used as a cliffhanger device to further the question of what actually happened at the end of "The Incident", so not sure I saw the need for it here.

  3. Hmmm sorry for this but if the jughead was detonated in 1977, then why does its only effect seem to enable the characters created purgatory for after they die wherever they are? Thier intention was to make thier plane never crash, so when Juliet says 'it worked' all that seems to work is the world the characters create in the afterlife. Thats confused me (I've just finished a rewatch of the show and only just discovered this site!)

    1. Hi Adam-

      It's my understanding that Jughead detonating didn't create their afterlife, that was just something that was there for them after they died. The fact that we started seeing the flash sideways after the detonation was really just a result of how the plot progressed, but I don't think they are actually related events. At least that's how I always looked at it.

      Also, Juliet's final thoughts being "it worked" was a bit of a tease and misdirection by the writers. What we saw in the afterlife, was her "it worked" comment was actually referring to a vending machine functioning, when her and Sawyer were rejoined in the afterlife. We were meant to believe it referred to Jughead's detonation doing what they expected, when in fact it was completely unrelated and actually just a crossover to a thought she had in the flash sideways.

      Sorry, that was a little wordy, hopefully it makes sense.

  4. Haha yeah kinda does, great site by the way! Well I see what your saying but I guess there is the thing with Desmond 'crossing over' and becoming a Martyr in the story as well; he also says 'it worked' on more than one occasion.

    I think then maybe it did work, but not in a way they expected. They didnt realise the idea they had involved thier awakening in the afterlife, but in theory the plane still didn't crash there so it worked to a degree perhaps. Just in within the afterlife, where they all seem to be redeemed of thier flaws inHmm life as well.

  5. Hi in which episode can we after the explosion?