Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Episode 009: 1978 to 1991

With Episode 009, we're switching gears a bit.  Things are going to get a little more disorganized, as we start going through most of the flashbacks in the show.  We start with Sayid as a child, and move through the years, seeing Jack, Mr. Eko, and Kate as children.  We also have our timeflash into 1988, where our Losties encounter a younger, and pregnant Danielle Rousseau, who gives birth to Alex, whom Ben subsequently kidnaps.  The episode concludes with Sayid learning how to torture during the Gulf War.
This episode runs 53:43 and is 450MB to download. You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


    I have been looking forward to 1978-2004. It is going to be so interesting!
    Once again, thank you so much for all this work. It really is appreciated! :)

  2. GREAT episode! Really enjoying this pre2004 time frame. 1 MIA scene: Charlie/Liam xmas.
    Thanks again! :)

  3. Glad you're enjoying it. I've actually had the Charlie question come up elsewhere. The scene you are thinking of is actually part of a dream sequence Charlie had on the island. Charlie and Liam run down to open their presents, then Charlie gets the piano, then he looks back at Liam, only Liam is a grown up. Then Charlie is a grown up, and he's playing the piano, only it's in the ocean, then the piano starts to float away, only he hears Aaron crying inside of it.

    So it's not actually a flashback, and will be shown at the time Charlie had the dream on the island.

  4. AHHHH, I TOTALLY forgot that it was a dream! Makes sense. Now I'm even more impressed! LOL

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  6. This is great, thank you.

    One tiny tiny detail, Kate stealing the lunchbox actually took place in 1989, so AFTER the Rousseau events. But ya know, it is a detail.

    The part I'm most looking forward to is the flashforwards. Again thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for putting so much care into it.

  7. I am curious as to when the time flashes (the one we last saw Jin experiencing) and them discovering the orchid (when it was destroyed and Juliet makes the ironic remark) fall into place. It seems now they are not going to be seen.

  8. @NamesnotAnnie - I deviated slightly from what was listed in Wikipedia to keep the kid segments together. I think it works out either way.

    @Jon - Well, the flash after Jin's 1988 flash has no specific date attached to it, so I put it in Episode 020, which can be found here:

    I don't remember where specifically I put the second time flash you're referring to off the top of my head, but I think it comes later.

  9. Putting Katie's episode before Rousseau makes this not chronologically anymore, just so you know ;)

    It's a small thing in this case though.

  10. @Oane - How so? We don't have exact dates on when either scene took place. Rousseau crashed about 16 years ago, Kate's scene took place when New Kids on the Block were popular (Hangin' Tough came out in 1988). They both clearly took place around the same time, but we don't know for sure when either event took place. I felt like I had enough creative freedom in this case to put them in either order.

  11. Well I'm nut aware of any of this, but if what NamesnotAnnie said is true, then it should, but if there's no evidence whatsoever, you're right.