Thursday, June 3, 2010

Audio Problems

So, I went to post Episode 010, and I loaded up the video to do my quick recap, and realized there was no audio!  Oops.  So I'll have to re-encode/re-upload tomorrow, which means no episodes today.  Sorry about that.

Quick side note, though, I had a few people ask me why the Christmas scene with Charlie and Liam when Charlie gets the piano as a kid wasn't on the last episode.  That scene was actually a dream sequence, not a flashback.  After Charlie and Liam started opening presents, Charlie's mother gave him the piano, then he looked back and Liam was grown-up, then Charlie was grown up, then he was playing the piano, then he was in the ocean, then the piano was floating away, and he hear Aaron crying, then he woke up.  So, since it's a dream sequence, it'll show up when Charlie has the dream on the island.

Quick side note #2, now that I'm thinking about it.  I included Episode 010 on the first torrent, so I'll just have to include the corrected version on the second torrent, since I've already got some people downloading it to act as seeders.

More to come tomorrow.

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