Friday, June 25, 2010

Episode 034: October 7-13 (Days 16-22)

Once Hurley tells everyone that Ethan wasn't on the plane, Jack figures out that he was set to run into Claire and Charlie.  We see some of our first conflict between Jack and Locke, as Jack wants to leave immediately to find them, while Locke wants to organize a search party.  Jack takes off, and Locke goes back to get Kate and Boone to help.  Boone and Locke split off and follow a different trail, which leads them to discover the hatch.  Sayid tells Sawyer about Rousseau and the Others.  Jack gets to close to Ethan's trail, and Ethan beats up Jack and tells him to stay away or else he will kill one of them.  Jack continues to follow Ethan's path, and comes across Charlie hanging from a tree.  He's not breathing, but after a few minutes, Jack is able to revive him.  Meanwhile, Ana Lucia builds a pit, and throws Nathan in there after suspecting him to be one of the Others.  Kate and Sawyer discover a waterfall and a lake, and go for a swim, where Sawyer discovers the briefcase that the US Marshal had with him on the plane, containing guns and the toy plane that reminded Kate of her friend she got killed.  Boone and Locke continue their excavation of the hatch, and we end the episode as Kate tries to take the briefcase that Sawyer found.  The episode runs 45:45 and is 376MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

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  1. kate episodes always feel a bit like filler, but at least they generally make sense. no matter how many times i see it, i cannot make heads or tailsections about how she deals with the briefcase. she wants it, she doesn't want it, she wants it again- in a matter of minutes! listen: i love this fucking show, but there are a few occasions when... the writing just sucks.

  2. They sure did get Kate to take her clothes off alot in Season 1.

  3. Omg. I am addicted. These episodes are brilliant. Mike, I only started watching it from the beginning of the flashbacks - I just didnt get why the time flashes were put in at those dates ... I would have thought they would have been in order of how the characters experienced. What were your reasons for inluding them where you did??
    I LOVE these post-crash episodes.... without the flashbacks, the story seems to move along so much quicker. LOVE seeing the tailies aswell!!! I have one question ... are there any more NikkiPaulo scenes? Or was it just the plane crash. I liked seeing Nikki. Especially afteer watching their flashback a few episodes back. MAN its good!!!!

  4. Absolutely brilliant initiative. I so wish ABC would hire you to do a special edition complete chronologically Lost box. Especially looking forward to the O6 years.

    One thing... I think you said somewhere the sideways will be sort of an epilogue after the real island ending, that's great, but just to make sure - in between those there will be the outrigger shootout, right? It's the only way to make sense of it as it wasn't referenced again within the show - some new people coming to the island shooting at the time travellers...

  5. @shauniqua @Fergus - Yeah, Kate's lucky she looks good or else she would have been killed off long ago.

    @Ttom - With the flashbacks, I relied on Lostpedia's timeline as much as possible, and I also tried to place things as logically as possible based around other events where I knew approximately what date they were. As for the rest, I just tried to make everything flow as well as it could, tried to make sure nothing was out of place. Most importantly, I tried not to have too much going on at one time. Like I wanted to have flashbacks involving a few characters in an episode, as opposed to lots of flashbacks involving lots of different characters. So I just tried to group character flashbacks whenever possible.

    As far as Nikki & Paolo, all of their flashbacks on the island will show up eventually, for better or worse.

    @Pucklo - Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. The outrigger scene is a tough one. Damon & Carlton stated that at the time that they filmed it, they knew exactly who was in the other outrigger, but during Season 6 they just weren't able to logistically work it out the way they wanted to, so it was cut. Not that that makes my job any easier.

    However, I don't think it's going to get tacked on after Jack dies. I really want Jack dying to be the closing image of the on island story (aside from whatever deleted scene they include with Hurley and Ben), before we go to the flash sideways. So, that leaves me with the task of trying to place it somewhere during what we see in Season 6. I'm honestly not 100% sure yet where it's going to go, but I have a couple ideas, and I'll get it figured out as best I can.

  6. There's a part where Jack, Locke, Kate and Boone are looking for Charlie and Claire in this epiosode. Kate and Jack head off to talk while Locke and Boone take a rest. Then Locke yells "jack" and a scene is shown with Charlie's L in his hand. Next, a brief moment of charlie writing it is shown, shouldn't that have been removed? (at approximately 9 minutes)

  7. something worth way in hell did cute little 5 foot something anna lucia dig that hole in the time suggested the way it plays here.
    maybe the scene with anna talking to libby while working on the hole could be backed up to right after the last tail section scene where nathan challenges anna to stop and make camp?
    that gives anna what two days to get that dug?
    much more reasonable.

  8. looks like i jumped the gun above.the next time we see our guys we learn that four days have passed...plenty of time for the tail section sequence just the way it is.

  9. @Oane Sorry for my delay in responding. Thanks for pointing out the quick Charlie flashback, I definitely missed that the first time through. I will have to remove it.

  10. The writing doesn't suck. Kate only acts like she doesn't want the case because she doesn't want Sawyer to know how much it means to her. She's a complex character and a good liar. So you guys can keep your sexist comments to yourself.