Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 030: September 27-28, 2004 (Days 6-7)

Jack continues into the jungle to try and find what appeared to be his father.  Back at the beach we get to play a fun game of "Who took the water?" (Spoiler alert: It was Boone)  Jack's adventure takes him over a cliff where he almost falls to his death, but Locke comes out of nowhere to save him.  I do like these moments where Jack is looking for what we now know to be the Smoke Monster, only instead he keeps running into Locke.  Probably just a coincidence, but cool nonetheless.  Locke and Jack have a heart-to-heart about the island, and Locke first shares with us the idea of destiny, and everything happening for a reason.  Jack continues on his journey, discovers the caves, as well as his father's empty coffin.  Back at the beach, everyone finds out that Boone took the water, but before a skirmish can start, Jack gives his infamous "live together, die alone speech".  The next morning, Jin attacks Michael for wearing the watch he's supposed to deliver for Mr. Paik.  Kate, Locke, and Charlie check out the caves with Jack, where they find the bodies of Jacob's brother and mother.  We end the episode with Sun's reveal to Michael that she speaks English.  This episode runs  44:53 and is 375MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. You should try to avoid jump cuts that happen due to the removal of the flash backs. Like when it cut from the coffin to the coffin, but the audio jumped: you can just one of those shots (either choose the one that occurs before or after the flashback, but don't choose both) And then overlay the audio that flows better. In the coffin shot, I would have chosen the audio from the second shot.

    A similar thing with the jump cut of Sun's close up (about 30:00). It's where she's standing next to Jin when he's handcuffed. It shows a medium shot of Sun next to him, then it jumps to a close of of her from the same angle because of the removal of the flash back. I would have chosen the close up and left the audio for the close up too.

    I don't mean to bug you, but as an editor, I just can't not talk about it. Don't be afraid to cut out a few frames here and there for the sake of flow.

  2. Yeah, you're probably right. When I started working on this project, I actually started working on Season 5, then Season 4 (Since those seasons contained most of the earliest flashbacks), and at that time the LOST video editors had everything pretty seamless. But in Season 1, the flashbacks were a little rougher, with audio from the flashbacks laid over the current island video, and in particular this idea of coming back from a flashback with the same general scene that they went out on. Some of the video cuts were tough to do, because the before and after shots were too long to cut out, but you're right, a lot of them probably could have been cut out. It's mostly a Season 1 issue.

  3. I liked it, it made me think: "Hey, there was a flashback here. Cool work this guy done."

  4. DELETED SCENE NOTE: There's actually an extended scene that shows Boone and Shannon talking before the camera pans over to Sun putting medicine(aloe?) on Jin's handcuff wound. It's called "Partners" and can be found on the bonus disc of the Complete First Season DVD set. I'll post it on YouTube later and link to it.

  5. Hey mike,

    I first watched your edits a year or so ago, dunno how much your still checking but thought I'd let you know I'm on my second "Chronologically LOST" viewing and still enjoying it.

    You know I was in the camp who hated the ending of the show, I never bought that Damon and Carlton had a plan since the start and felt whatever they were planning didn't involve Jacob or MIB or a giant cave of light. Watching chronologically this episode, where jack find "Adam and Eve" as Locke calls them and finds the black and white stones - is one of my main clues that maybe they actually did plan that all along. I'm still not sure but watching this way you could believe it was inserted later, after the ending was written.

    I still not sure I believe it but it's one reason Damon should support these edits to show how his plans were in place all along.

    1. Wow, that's awesome that you're watching through it again!

      As far as what they had planned and what they didn't, I've always been of the belief that they figured out early on that they wanted the show to close with Jack's eye closing (and I assume him dying), and that ultimately this was going to be a show about good and evil. But they probably didn't start to flesh out some of the details on how to get there until after the first season was done and they had some time to breath and work out long-term storylines.

      That's why we didn't meet the leader of the Others, or hear about Jacob until the second season. I think they had a more complete outline in place then. But still, the cork, the cave of light, those may have been things that came up later on, I can't imagine they had ever mapped out the rest of the show in extreme detail at that point. Just more like an outline.