Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Watch TV: Chronologically LOST

Thanks to the powers of reddit, it's just been brought to my attention that the good folks over at the Comeuppence Network (@_HowToWatchTV) have a weekly show that they do on Chronologically LOST. Looks like they started last October, and once a week they put up a new show covering the next episode in the series. Go check out their Youtube channel, they talk about a bunch of shows, not just CL (And if you're a Lost fan there's a good chance you watch a lot of the other shows they talk about as well).

How to Watch TV: Chronologically LOST


  1. So can you still watch chronologically lost? All the links i found on your Facebook page are expired.

    1. Hi, are there specific episodes you're having problems with? I didn't check all the videos, but if you go to the FB page's video tab, they're all listed there:

      I *think* they should still work. Let me know if they're not.