Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Episode 038: October 22-27, 2004 (Days 31-36)

I had an interesting situation come up at the beginning of this episode.  We start out with a dinner scene between Juliet & Ben at Ben's house, where they discuss Ethan's recent death, and how Juliet felt Goodwin was in danger and should be pulled from his spy duties.  This presented a bit of a continuity problem for a few reasons.  First, according to Lostpedia's timeline, the Official LOST Magazine confirmed this dinner happening on October 13, 2004 (Day 22).  Second, Ethan was killed a week later, on October 20, 2004 (Day 29).  Finally, Goodwin was actually killed two days before Ethan, on October 18, 2004 (Day 27).  So, everything is all out of order.  But fear not, for there is a way.

To solve all of this, I basically ignored what the Official LOST Magazine deemed the 'correct' date of the dinner.  Instead, I put the dinner on the evening of October 22, 2004 (Day 31).  This would be two days after Ethan died, to give enough time for the Others to learn of Ethan's death.  Now, what about the fact that Goodwin died four days ago?  Well, if anything, I think it gives Ben's lines a hidden meaning to them.  Watching the scene, he certainly seems to be alluding to the fact that he wants Goodwin to be killed, as punishment for sleeping with Juliet.  But what if he already knew that Goodwin was dead, but hadn't told Juliet yet, and instead was lying to her during this whole scene?  Very deceiving, and exactly something you could see Ben do, right?  So I'm making that the unofficial "official" storyline.  Goodwin died, Ethan died two days later, but Ben chose not to tell anyone about Goodwin's death, particularly Juliet, until later.

Moving on, we have a new mobisode, and not one I particularly care for, where Michael and Sun almost kiss.  This leads to drama between Sun, Michael, and Jin, as Jin continues to exude control over Sun, while suspecting that Sun is not being honest with him and her relationship with Michael.  Hurley tries to make nice with Jin, Sayid and Shannon become closer, and Michael suffers a setback when the boat is mysteriously burned.  Michael suspects Jin, and the two come to blows, leading to Sun revealing to everyone that she speaks English.  Locke deflects the blame towards Jin (and the real arson, Walt) onto the Others.  Michael starts working on a new boat, and Paolo finds the bag of jewels he and Nikki stole at the bottom of the lake where Kate and Sawyer found the Marshal's briefcase.  Jin leaves Sun in the caves, and helps Michael with the new boat, and the batteries in Hurley's discman finally die.  Hurley discovers the Numbers written on some of the drawings that Sayid stole from Rousseau, and heads into the jungle to find her.  Jack, Sayid and Charlie head into the jungle to join up with Hurley, and the episode ends with Jack hitting a tripwire and blowing up Rousseau's hideout.  This episode runs 50:39 and is 413MB to download.  You can stream below (via Facebook), or go here to use torrents (better quality, recommended) to download the episodes to your computer.

Part 1

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  1. You are right. That dinner scene is 10 times better now. It also reinforces Ben's creepy-sadistic-fucked-up-ness.

  2. You might have been able to put the mobisode in between the jump cuts of Jin.

  3. The dinner scene was nice, nice work on that.

    I've watched until this episode and I liked it. It makes rewatching Lost so much more fun. Can't wait to find myself with more time so I can watch more of this.

    I'd say "Keep up the good work", but since you're already done, I don't know what to say :p

  4. I believe the "dinner party" scenario is much better resolved by placing it when it is officially known to take place. Juliet says Goodwin had been under cover for 3 weeks, undershooting by a week and some days. This seemingly creates a conflict when Juliet mentions "After losing Ethan, it's a risk.", but this does not necessarily imply that Ethan had died at this point. Recall when Juliet talked about Ethan going rogue and that he was never supposed to kidnap Claire, plus he never made a list like he was supposed to, as learned when he's reprimanded by Tom. That's certainly "losing Ethan" even though he's not dead yet.

    And of course that's not to mention that a major purpose of this scene is to show that Ben is intentionally leaving Goodwin with the Tailies so that he'll get killed. What about lines like... "his assignment will be over soon."? You know? Plus there's no motivation for Ben to actively pretend Goodwin's still alive and politic about his mission (as opposed to discretely withholding that information until the right opportunity comes along). There is always some motive behind his deceptions; he doesn't do it just to fulfill his creepiness.

    So there are some pretty strong reasons to disagree with the placement here. On the other side you may have, "well they say Ethan is dead," but that's the only reason, and they don't outright say that.